Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 2

There's a light in your eyes
A tinkle in your voice
I've memorised your face

You dont have to be here

I feel your smile
Playing at your lips
Laughter like rain
The only word.

But you'll never know

Maybe you do
I can't speak-
It's agaisnt me
I'm held back by
By me
I have my rules
And you have yours
So I'll walk at the border
Just hoping
That you notice

It's plain painful

How close but far
How much you want
But can't reach that star
Tried but failed
Jumped but fell
Kept feelings, veiled
Left an empty cold shell

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Day 1

I need to
Keep it together
I feel my myself
Tearing at the seams
Its almost spilling over
The expired emotions
And its all smiles
On the outside
I'm comfortable that way
No one has to know
What's up in my head

I need to
Keep it together
But sometimes its too hard
Sometimes I want to stop the search
Out this labyrinth
Sometimes I want to sit down
And throw my bag aside
Sometimes giving up
Seems so sweet
'Sometimes' is now

But I have to push on
I can't
I refuse
I must not
Fall apart
I am strong
But I'm trying
It's all that tells me
I'm not dead